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Alianzas - Blanca Jewels


For them and for them, from the usual classics to the most current alliances. Available in 18kt gold and platinum. We help you choose the piece with which to say YES I WANT!

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Alianza Blanca Midi - Blanca JewelsAlianza Blanca Midi - Blanca Jewels
White Midi Alliance Sale price2.700,00 €
Media alianza Valentina Mini - Blanca JewelsMedia alianza Valentina Mini - Blanca Jewels
Valentina Mini half alliance Sale price750,00 €
Alianza Blanca Mini - Blanca JewelsAlianza Blanca Mini - Blanca Jewels
Mini White Wedding Ring Sale price1.990,00 €
Personalized Mini Diamonds Half Wedding RingPersonalized Mini Diamonds Half Wedding Ring
Personalized Valentina AlliancePersonalized Valentina Alliance
Personalized Valentina Alliance Sale priceFrom 1.280,00 €
Personalized Gisele Wedding RingPersonalized Gisele Wedding Ring
Personalized Gisele Wedding Ring Sale priceFrom 1.300,00 €
Alianza Gisele - Blanca JewelsAlianza Gisele - Blanca Jewels
Gisele Alliance Sale price1.300,00 €
Alianza Valentina - Blanca JewelsAlianza Valentina - Blanca Jewels
Valentina Alliance Sale price1.280,00 €
Alianza Blanca Maxi - Blanca JewelsAlianza Blanca Maxi - Blanca Jewels
Maxi White Alliance Sale price4.200,00 €
Media Alianza Valentina Color - Blanca JewelsMedia Alianza Valentina Color - Blanca Jewels
Valentina Color Half Alliance Sale price510,00 €
Media alianza Mini Diamantes - Blanca JewelsMedia alianza Mini Diamantes - Blanca Jewels
Half Mini Diamonds alliance Sale price520,00 €
Personalized Mireia RingPersonalized Mireia Ring
Personalized Mireia Ring Sale price1.350,00 €
Anillo Mireia - Blanca JewelsAnillo Mireia - Blanca Jewels
Mireia Ring Sale price1.350,00 €
Alianza Eternity personalizado - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Eternity Alliance
Personalized Eternity Alliance Sale price960,00 €
Alianza Blanca Zafiro - Blanca JewelsAlianza Blanca Zafiro - Blanca Jewels
White Sapphire Wedding Ring Sale price2.700,00 €
Alianza Media Caña Femenina PersonalizadoAlianza Media Caña Femenina Personalizado
Alianza Media Caña Femenina
Alianza Media Caña Femenina Sale price400,00 €
Media alianza oro blanco 18kt,  Diamante talla princesa,  Diamante talla brillanteMedia alianza oro blanco 18kt,  Diamante talla princesa,  Diamante talla brillante
Dani Ring Sale price4.280,00 €
Media alianza Princesa - Blanca JewelsMedia alianza Princesa - Blanca Jewels
Princess half alliance Sale price3.000,00 €
Media alianza Kadi - Blanca JewelsMedia alianza Kadi - Blanca Jewels
Half alliance Kadi Sale price710,00 €
Media Alianza Eternity - Blanca JewelsMedia Alianza Eternity - Blanca Jewels
Half Eternity Alliance Sale price750,00 €
Anillo María - Blanca JewelsAnillo María - Blanca Jewels
Maria Ring Sale price4.900,00 €
Anillo Aitana - Blanca JewelsAnillo Aitana - Blanca Jewels
Aitana Ring Sale price530,00 €
Anillo Aisha - Blanca JewelsAnillo Aisha - Blanca Jewels
Aisha Ring Sale price530,00 €
Alianza Francesca - Blanca JewelsAlianza Francesca - Blanca Jewels
French Alliance Sale price1.680,00 €
Alianza Eternity - Blanca JewelsAlianza entera Diamantes 0.45ct oro 18kt.
Eternity Alliance Sale price960,00 €
Personalized Midi White AlliancePersonalized Midi White Alliance
Personalized Midi White Alliance Sale price2.700,00 €
Personalized Maxi White Wedding RingPersonalized Maxi White Wedding Ring