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Alta joyería - Blanca Jewels


Classic and elegant jewelry but only yours. We work with the best gems, taking care of every detail to offer the quality that identifies us so much. Let our pieces speak for you. 

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Alianza Blanca Maxi - Blanca JewelsAlianza Blanca Maxi - Blanca Jewels
Maxi White Alliance Sale price4.200,00 €
Riviere 3 grapas Maxi - Blanca JewelsRiviere 3 grapas Maxi - Blanca Jewels
Riviere 3 Maxi Staples Sale price7.850,00 €
Media alianza oro blanco 18kt,  Diamante talla princesa,  Diamante talla brillanteMedia alianza oro blanco 18kt,  Diamante talla princesa,  Diamante talla brillante
Dani Ring Sale price4.280,00 €
Gargantilla Lariat Fine Jewelry - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Lariat Fine Jewelry - Blanca Jewels
Lariat Fine Jewelry Choker Sale price3.700,00 €
Pendientes Victoria - Blanca JewelsPendientes Victoria - Blanca Jewels
Victoria Earrings Sale price4.900,00 €
Pendientes Rabat Diamante extraibles - Blanca JewelsPendientes Rabat Diamante extraibles - Blanca Jewels
Removable Rabat Diamond Earrings Sale price4.450,00 €
Anillo Claudia - Blanca JewelsAnillo Claudia - Blanca Jewels
Claudia Ring Sale price4.700,00 €
Maxi Diamond Choker (3 staples)Gargantilla Diamante Maxi ( 3 grapas) - Blanca Jewels
Maxi Diamond Choker (3 staples) Sale price8.300,00 €
Elastic RiviereRiviere Elástica - Blanca Jewels
Elastic Riviere Sale price5.530,00 €
Solitario Marga Maxi - Blanca JewelsSolitario Marga Maxi - Blanca Jewels
Marga Maxi Solitaire Sale price8.300,00 €
Gargantilla Fine Jewelry - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Fine Jewelry - Blanca Jewels
Fine Jewelry Choker Sale price3.100,00 €
Anillo Meri - Blanca JewelsAnillo Meri - Blanca Jewels
Meri Ring Sale price6.500,00 €
Maxi criollas - Blanca JewelsMaxi criollas - Blanca Jewels
Maxi Creoles Sale price2.900,00 €
Pendientes Rosetones Boda (desmontables) - Blanca JewelsPendientes Rosetones Boda (desmontables) - Blanca Jewels
Pendientes Margarita - Blanca JewelsPendientes Margarita - Blanca Jewels
Daisy Earrings Sale price2.400,00 €
Pendientes Cascada - Blanca JewelsPendientes Cascada - Blanca Jewels
Waterfall Earrings Sale price3.300,00 €
Riviere 3 grapas Midi - Blanca JewelsRiviere 3 grapas Midi - Blanca Jewels
Riviere 3 Midi Staples Sale price4.890,00 €
Anillo Salua - Blanca JewelsAnillo Salua - Blanca Jewels
Salua Ring Sale price12.800,00 €
Anillo Diamante 0.70ct oro 18kt talla brillante. Acabado mate.Anillo Diamante 0.70ct oro 18kt talla brillante. Acabado mate.
Lonely Agnes Sale price5.100,00 €
Anillo María - Blanca JewelsAnillo María - Blanca Jewels
Maria Ring Sale price4.900,00 €