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Colgantes - Blanca Jewels


An essential amulet for your jewelry box, that special chain or medal to adorn your neck and show it off in your daily life.

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Personalized Eva PendantPersonalized Eva Pendant
Personalized Eva Pendant Sale price190,00 €
Personalized Mini Letter PendantPersonalized Mini Letter Pendant
Personalized English name pendantPersonalized English name pendant
Medallón Natalia Personalizado - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Natalia Medallion
Personalized Natalia Medallion Sale price495,00 €
Mother of Pearl Pendant Personalized English LetterMother of Pearl Pendant Personalized English Letter
English name pendantColgante nombre inglesa - Blanca Jewels
English name pendant Sale price190,00 €
Colgante Constelación - Blanca JewelsConstellation Pendant
Constellation Pendant Sale price240,00 €
Personalized English initial pendantPersonalized English initial pendant
Personalized Constellation PendantPersonalized Constellation Pendant
Colgante Lágrima - Blanca JewelsColgante Lágrima - Blanca Jewels
Teardrop Pendant Sale price290,00 €
Mini Colors PendantColgante Colores Mini - Blanca Jewels
Mini Colors Pendant Sale price230,00 €
Colgante Estrella - Blanca JewelsColgante Estrella - Blanca Jewels
Star Pendant Sale price330,00 €
Colgante Colores Mini - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Mini Colors Pendant
Medallón Natalia - Blanca JewelsMedallón Natalia - Blanca Jewels
Natalia Medallion Sale price495,00 €
Colgante Nácar letra inglesa - Blanca JewelsColgante Nácar letra inglesa - Blanca Jewels
Personalized Maxi English Letter PendantPersonalized Maxi English Letter Pendant
Colgante Bea - Blanca JewelsColgante Bea - Blanca Jewels
Bea Pendant Sale price290,00 €
Florence PendantColgante Florence - Blanca Jewels
Florence Pendant Sale price830,00 €
Mini letter pendantColgante letra Mini - Blanca Jewels
Mini letter pendant Sale price325,00 €
Colgante inicial inglesa - Blanca JewelsColgante inicial inglesa - Blanca Jewels
English initial pendant Sale price190,00 €
Colgante Eva - Blanca JewelsEva Pendant
Eva Pendant Sale price190,00 €
Colgante letra Maxi Inglesa - Blanca JewelsColgante letra Maxi Inglesa - Blanca Jewels
Maxi English letter pendant Sale price450,00 €
Colgante Cruz - Blanca JewelsColgante Cruz - Blanca Jewels
Cross Pendant Sale price390,00 €
Colgante Estrella Diamante - Blanca JewelsColgante Estrella Diamante - Blanca Jewels
Diamond Star Pendant Sale price390,00 €