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Gargantillas - Blanca Jewels


A classic that never goes out of style, a versatile piece so that whoever receives it can wear it with pride.

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Personalized Eva ChokerPersonalized Eva Choker
Personalized Eva Choker Sale price310,00 €
Personalized Mini Diamond Letter ChokerPersonalized Mini Diamond Letter Choker
One Letter Mini Diamond ChokerGargantilla Una Letra Diamantes Mini - Blanca Jewels
One Letter Mini Diamond Choker Sale price490,00 €
Gargantilla Miriam Personalizada - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Miriam Choker
Personalized Miriam Choker Sale price360,00 €
Personalized Gemma ChokerPersonalized Gemma Choker
Personalized Gemma Choker Sale price330,00 €
Diamond Choker (3 staples)Gargantilla Diamante (3 grapas) - Blanca Jewels
Diamond Choker (3 staples) Sale price450,00 €
Diamond choker (3 staples) PersonalizedDiamond choker (3 staples) Personalized
Personalized Nuria ChokerPersonalized Nuria Choker
Personalized Nuria Choker Sale price310,00 €
Eva chokerEva choker
Eva choker Sale price310,00 €
Cadena Bolitas - Blanca JewelsCadena Bolitas - Blanca Jewels
Ball Chain Sale price280,00 €
Gargantilla Dos Letras Diamantes Mini - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Dos Letras Diamantes Mini - Blanca Jewels
Gargantilla Diamante Bicolor - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Diamante Bicolor - Blanca Jewels
Bicolor Diamond Choker Sale price480,00 €
Gargantilla Flor Personalizada - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Flower Choker
Personalized Flower Choker Sale price670,00 €
Gargantilla Miriam - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Miriam - Blanca Jewels
Miriam choker Sale price360,00 €
Personalized Openwork Letter ChokerPersonalized Openwork Letter Choker
Personalized One Letter Midi Diamond ChokerPersonalized One Letter Midi Diamond Choker
Mini Letter Choker with Personalized DiamondMini Letter Choker with Personalized Diamond
Diamond Choker (4 staples) PersonalizedDiamond Choker (4 staples) Personalized
Personalized Matte Vintage ChokerPersonalized Matte Vintage Choker
Gargantilla 5 Diamantes Perforados (Blancos) - Blanca JewelsGargantilla 5 Diamantes Perforados (Blancos) - Blanca Jewels
Gargantilla Color 6 Grapas - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Color 6 Grapas - Blanca Jewels
Color Choker 6 Staples Sale price350,00 €
Cadena Diamantada - Blanca JewelsCadena Diamantada - Blanca Jewels
Diamond Chain Sale price150,00 €
Personalized Diamond ChainPersonalized Diamond Chain
Personalized Diamond Chain Sale price150,00 €
Personalized Patricia ChokerPersonalized Patricia Choker
Personalized Patricia Choker Sale price340,00 €
Gargantilla Letra Lateral Personalizada - Blanca JewelsCustom Side Letter Choker
Custom Side Letter Choker Sale price380,00 €
Personalized oval Eva chokerPersonalized oval Eva choker
Personalized oval Eva choker Sale price370,00 €
Gargantilla Estrella Noir - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Estrella Noir - Blanca Jewels
Black Star Choker Sale price510,00 €
Gargantilla Carrie - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Carrie - Blanca Jewels
Carrie Choker Sale price510,00 €
Gargantilla Flor - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Flor - Blanca Jewels
Flower Choker Sale price670,00 €
Mini Letter Choker With DiamondGargantilla Letra Mini Con Diamante - Blanca Jewels
Mini Letter Choker With Diamond Sale price740,00 €
Gargantilla Lágrima Amaoto - Blanca JewelsAmaoto Teardrop Choker
Amaoto Teardrop Choker Sale price590,00 €
Personalized Diamond Rosette ChokerPersonalized Diamond Rosette Choker
Gargantilla Ónix oval Personalizado - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Ónix oval Personalizado - Blanca Jewels
Personalized oval onyx choker Sale price370,00 €
Gargantilla Miriam Brown Personalizada - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Miriam Brown Choker
Gargantilla color 6 grapas Personalizada - Blanca JewelsPersonalized color choker with 6 staples
Gargantilla 5 Perlas Degradé - Blanca JewelsGargantilla 5 Perlas Degradé - Blanca Jewels
Choker with 5 Gradient Pearls Sale price310,00 €
Gargantilla Perla Degradé Midi - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Perla Degradé Midi - Blanca Jewels
Gradient Pearl Midi Choker Sale price370,00 €
Gargantilla Gota - Blanca JewelsDrop Choker
Drop Choker Sale price370,00 €
Gargantilla Color 3 Grapas - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Color 3 Grapas - Blanca Jewels
Color Choker 3 Staples Sale price295,00 €
Patricia chokerGargantilla Patricia - Blanca Jewels
Patricia choker Sale price440,00 €
Gargantilla Estrella - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Estrella - Blanca Jewels
Star Choker Sale price560,00 €
 Gargantilla Rosetón Diamante - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Rosetón Diamante - Blanca Jewels
Diamond Rosette Choker Sale price1.600,00 €
Openwork Letter ChokerGargantilla Letra Calada - Blanca Jewels
Openwork Letter Choker Sale price230,00 €
Amaoto Duo ChokerAmaoto Duo Choker
Amaoto Duo Choker Sale price685,00 €
Personalized Cristina Medals ChokerPersonalized Cristina Medals Choker
Personalized Three Letters Diamonds ChokerPersonalized Three Letters Diamonds Choker
Gargantilla rosetón colores Personalizada - Blanca JewelsPersonalized colorful rosette choker
Lara Choker Custom ColorsLara Choker Custom Colors
Lara Choker Custom Colors Sale price820,00 €