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Antique JEWELS

At Blanca Jewels we welcome you to our world, where quality, design and distinction are found in every detail.

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Anillo cadena - Blanca JewelsAnillo cadena - Blanca Jewels
chain ring Sale price60,00 €
Personalized Eva ChokerPersonalized Eva Choker
Personalized Eva Choker Sale price310,00 €
Personalized Mini Diamond Letter ChokerPersonalized Mini Diamond Letter Choker
Personalized Eva PendantPersonalized Eva Pendant
Personalized Eva Pendant Sale price190,00 €
One Letter Mini Diamond ChokerGargantilla Una Letra Diamantes Mini - Blanca Jewels
One Letter Mini Diamond Choker Sale price490,00 €
Gargantilla Miriam Personalizada - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Miriam Choker
Personalized Miriam Choker Sale price360,00 €
Personalized Monica Trilogy ColorsPersonalized Monica Trilogy Colors
Personalized Gemma ChokerPersonalized Gemma Choker
Personalized Gemma Choker Sale price330,00 €
Diamond Choker (3 staples)Gargantilla Diamante (3 grapas) - Blanca Jewels
Diamond Choker (3 staples) Sale price450,00 €
Diamond choker (3 staples) PersonalizedDiamond choker (3 staples) Personalized
Full Soul Ring Custom ColorsFull Soul Ring Custom Colors
Full Soul Ring Custom Colors Sale price890,00 €
Personalized Nuria ChokerPersonalized Nuria Choker
Personalized Nuria Choker Sale price310,00 €
Personalized articulated slave braceletPersonalized articulated slave bracelet
Eva chokerEva choker
Eva choker Sale price310,00 €
Personalized Mini Letter PendantPersonalized Mini Letter Pendant
Solitario Luna Personalizado - Blanca JewelsSolitario Luna Personalizado - Blanca Jewels
Custom Moon Solitaire Sale price560,00 €
Personalized English name pendantPersonalized English name pendant
Personalized Lara Ring ColorsPersonalized Lara Ring Colors
Personalized Lara Ring Colors Sale price940,00 €
Cadena Forzada Mini - Blanca JewelsCadena Forzada Mini - Blanca Jewels
Mini Forced Chain Sale price180,00 €
Midi Flower RingAnillo Flor Midi - Blanca Jewels
Midi Flower Ring Sale price850,00 €
Personalized Mini Colors Duo RingPersonalized Mini Colors Duo Ring
Medallón Natalia Personalizado - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Natalia Medallion
Personalized Natalia Medallion Sale price495,00 €
Celine Ring Personalized ColorsCeline Ring Personalized Colors
Celine Ring Personalized Colors Sale price510,00 €
Anillo Flor Maxi - Blanca JewelsAnillo Flor Maxi - Blanca Jewels
Maxi Flower Ring Sale price1.300,00 €
Cadena Bolitas - Blanca JewelsCadena Bolitas - Blanca Jewels
Ball Chain Sale price280,00 €
Personalized Bicolor Anna SolitaireSolitario Anna Bicolor Personalizado - Blanca Jewels
Pendientes Flor Personalizado - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Flower Earrings
Personalized Flower Earrings Sale price930,00 €
Personalized Lara RingPersonalized Lara Ring
Personalized Lara Ring Sale price1.550,00 €
Anillo Flor Mini - Blanca JewelsAnillo Flor Mini - Blanca Jewels
Mini Flower Ring Sale price690,00 €
Mother of Pearl Pendant Personalized English LetterMother of Pearl Pendant Personalized English Letter
Anillo Tiara - Blanca JewelsAnillo Tiara - Blanca Jewels
Tiara Ring Sale price580,00 €
Gargantilla Flor Personalizada - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Flower Choker
Personalized Flower Choker Sale price670,00 €
Gargantilla Dos Letras Diamantes Mini - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Dos Letras Diamantes Mini - Blanca Jewels
Gargantilla Diamante Bicolor - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Diamante Bicolor - Blanca Jewels
Bicolor Diamond Choker Sale price480,00 €
Anillo Alba - Blanca JewelsAnillo Alba - Blanca Jewels
Alba Ring Sale price580,00 €
Trilogía Mónica Colores - Blanca JewelsTrilogía Mónica Colores - Blanca Jewels
Monica Colors Trilogy Sale price490,00 €
Custom Anna SolitaireCustom Anna Solitaire
Custom Anna Solitaire Sale price620,00 €
Anillo Marie Maxi - Blanca JewelsAnillo Marie Maxi - Blanca Jewels
Marie Maxi Ring Sale price795,00 €
Solitaire Custom colorsSolitaire Custom colors
Solitaire Custom colors Sale price340,00 €
Anillo Sandra personalizado - Blanca JewelsPersonalized Sandra Ring
Personalized Sandra Ring Sale priceFrom 840,00 €
Anillo Cinquillo colores - Blanca JewelsAnillo Cinquillo colores - Blanca Jewels
Cinquillo ring colors Sale price580,00 €
Cinquillo Vintage - Blanca JewelsCinquillo Vintage - Blanca Jewels
Vintage Cinquillo Sale price640,00 €
Anillo Aire - Blanca JewelsAnillo Aire - Blanca Jewels
Air Ring Sale price480,00 €
Rouge TrilogyTrilogía Diamantes talla brillante 0.12ct oro 18kt. Tres piedras ovales 5x3mm.
Rouge Trilogy Sale price610,00 €
Gargantilla Miriam - Blanca JewelsGargantilla Miriam - Blanca Jewels
Miriam choker Sale price360,00 €
English name pendantColgante nombre inglesa - Blanca Jewels
English name pendant Sale price190,00 €
Colgante Constelación - Blanca JewelsConstellation Pendant
Constellation Pendant Sale price240,00 €
Diamond Choker (4 staples) PersonalizedDiamond Choker (4 staples) Personalized